What is a Ninja Standard and how hard is it really?

OMG – just revisited the “Ninja” or the standards that In2Crossfit set for their Elite athletes.  The Elite Team train as a team on a Saturday morning at 8am.  That’s right, if you are good enough to be in the team, you don’t do anything on Friday nights other than sleep, hydrate and prepare.

That’s because if you want to be part of that team – you have to meet 14 very specific standards as defined by Box owner and Head Coach Jack Hennigan.  More info on these standards here.

Luckily before Polar Bear Coaching and I set off on our challenge Jack has agreed to meet with us two.  Hopefully after he stops laughing at our idea, he might have some constructive ideas about how we approach this.

14 standards – roughly 7 months, that’s 1 every two weeks….though I doubt it’s going to go like that at the start, middle or finish!

As I start to look at this more seriously and the it moves from idea to concept to vision statement and now in to planning, I am asking myself questions like:

  1. What sort of team do I need to assemble around me?
  2. What changes do I need to make to my nutrition?
  3. What will happen to my social life?

Lots to think about!

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