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What’s Going On Here?

Virgin Training Program

I am travelling back to London on a Virgin Train from Edinburgh.  I’ve just spent 3 days at a corporate sales kick-off.  One of those things where they get the whole sales team together, set some high level aspirational objectives and vision for the year, celebrate last years success and do some networking with colleagues.  Generally they’re good fun and an important part of celebrating and sharing the success of the top performers.

However – for me, with my current objectives – they come at a price.  Low quality foods and empty calorie alcohols.

This is just the latest example of a range of life events that seem to emerge through the weeks and days of my life.  These events are lots of fun, often valuable, sometime essential – but they’re not making “the boat go faster”.

Calories in – Calories out

This phrase as I understand it – (this may not be accurate) refers to the training that British Rowing Team engaged in for their olympic training.  During in this phase if there was something which deviated from their stated objective of “making the boat go faster” they wouldn’t do it.

So meeting friends for Sunday Lunch, going snowboarding in Austria, drinking in the pub at sales kick offs – none of these made the boat go faster.  None of these things happened.  All of these things have been happening for me.

How do I balance my stated objective against my desire to live a happy balanced life where I stay in touch friends and enjoy socialising with them?

What Does This Mean?

I want faster progress towards my goals.  I have met only two of my objectives so far.  The 7.15 #2K4TIME row and the 3.36 Grace time.

My weight is up by about 1kg – not down by the 5 – 10KG’s I want to reduce by to shrink the deadlift max weight goal.

This isn’t all doom and gloom.  I am pain free, I am moving much better and able to engage enthusiastically in all of the activities (in and out of the gym) that I want to.  Also my Deadlift is up – I’m not sure exactly by how much, but I hit a 140KG 2 rep last Friday and that is 10K more than my heaviest previous 1RM….

Also – whilst my weight is up – I’m working on the premise that this is muscle.  Because my clothes fit better  – my belly button isn’t peaking out of my shirt when I sit down anymore.  This is an important for me – I hate it when its being nosey like that.

I’m still eating 2200 calories a day as a rule.  But there are days when that gets blown out of the water by alcohol and those days seem to be too frequent.

I’ve significantly reduced my training schedule with a program from Gwen Sona.  The program gives me x4 workouts a week to complete – 2 of these seem to take 90 – 120 minutes, the other x2 seem to be much shorter – around 60 minutes.  For the most part i’m breaking these up with a day on and a day off.  This means that effectively each “week” is 8 days long – so my weeks aren’t as structured as I would like.  I seem to need an extra day in the week.

To accommodate these extra long workouts I have stopped working out at 6am and started working out after work.

In short – loads of stuff is happening:

Do I need a better plan?
  1. Weight up
  2. Strength up
  3. Pain Free
  4. Good movement
  5. Body Composition improving
  6. workout length increased
  7. Workout frequency decreased
  8. Dedicated program developed for my specific objectives
  9. Less – by which I mean – zero class attendance.

Why Should I Care?

I think in order to accelerate the progress I need remove all alcohol from diet!  Even just writing that feels big.  I can and am already visualising the impact to my social life, work life, home life.  I’ve done sober months before – even once through January – my birthday is in January and the celebrations were just weird.  Everyone wants to buy a drink and everyone wants you to celebrate with them, like them…

Drinkers Remorse?

What would the impact be to my life if I say – I’m not drinking until I meet my goals?  Should I do it?  Could I do it?

Am I saying that I’m doing it?

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