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What’s Going On Here?

I just spotted that we have a 2k4time rowing WOD tomorrow and I wanted to share some insight from my mate Graham Benton. Who’s that? Check him out here.

Graham’s rowers of doom

Graham came down the gym in Jan to give me and a few mates some tips on rowing, it was a mix of inspiration, practical advice and hacks!




Lets start with the hacks!

  1. Set your rower up with a drag factor around 136 for guys and a
    the double knot of 2KRow

    round 125 for ladies.  If you don’t know how to do this – ask someone in the gym.  Seriously – just do this!

  2. Fetch your lifters.  You want to get your heal down as early in the process as possible so you can engage your whole leg, not just your quads.
  3. Wrap the strap back on it’s self to stop it coming lose.  You don’t want to be flopping about about 700 meters in do you!
  4. Vert Shin Footplate

    Set your footplate up so that your shins are vertical at the front of your stroke.  If they collapse further forwards you can’t get the power down soon enough, if they’re no where near vertical you’re missing out on all the power from your legs.



Now get your head in the game!

Mind game – build your pillars of belief. Yours might be “I can do 500 meters at 1.48 all day long”. Or “Last time I did this distance I completed in in a great time”. Do you have mantra’s that motivate you? Use them!

My Splits Fast, Slow, Slow Fast is the plan

Mind set Quote: “Every distance is just 1 stroke at a time and most of the stroke is recovery”.

Reality check quote: “After 500 its gonna start hurting! Just deal with it!”

When it gets dark: “Head up, Shoulders Back, Keep Going!”

What Does This Mean?

Top tip – Find your split! Get to know your pace, good, bad or ugly.  Know it then grow it in the direction you want. This won’t help if the #2K4time is tomorrow – but it will if you want to train to be better.

My favourite Graham quote: “I used to do 200 kilometres a week, now I only do 60k. At those distance you will both know and grow your split.

Off the rower, you could try these:
Power cleans
Dead lifts
But you would be better off just rowing if you want to improve your 2k

Why Should I Care?

His Plan is better than none

Out source the belief to someone else. Get a plan from them and know this plan works! Find a coach, believe the plan they gave you! Do you have a plan? All you need to do is execute!!

Don’t try and win the race in the first 500. Believe in the plan. Leave some of the work for later.



For men aiming at 7.15 mins.
Stroke rate 34
1.48 splits

For ladies aiming at 8.00 mins
Higher stroke rate 37/38
2.00 splits

If you still feel you need an edge – you could try the pro rower supplements: Beta alanin, Creatine, Caffeine before the race. Bi-carb of soda if you’re feeling brave and willing to shit yourself in public if you get the dose wrong!!

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