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I started with In2Crossfit on the 18th of November 2014.  I had spent a long time rehabilitating from an injury and decided I was ready to start looking to improve performance from a solid rehabilitated base line.

I enjoyed about 20 months of largely injury free crossfit and my health, wellbeing, strength and fitness were as good as they have ever been.

Then in January 2016, a snowboard injury broke my right wrist and snapped a couple of ligaments in my left shoulder.  Obviously I kept training (and snowboarding)!  

I had started a new job about 9 months earlier, taking a senior leadership position at a Global IT Business to turn around a failing team.  I was physically and mentally maxed, burning candles at both ends and the middle and frequently looking for spare wax to keep burning. 

I wasn’t willing to give up my 6AM gym sessions or any other parts of my life. I was specifically not listening to my body – eventually I had a full system breakdown.  I nearly lost my girlfriend, my lower back went, I was out of the gym and potentially losing everything I had worked for in my relationship – totally gutted.  

After a period of reflection I needed to make some changes – the job had to go.  I had turned the team around, but the environment was toxic, I was severely underpaid and overworked and felt undervalued…

Pass the matches
Pass the matches

My relationship was a shadow of it’s former self and needed some time and energy investing in it to get it back to being something I was proud of and my girlfriend could be proud of too.

  • I quit my job.
  • I booked some holidays.
  • I saw my osteopath a lot.

Over probably 5 months I got my relationship back where it should have always been in priority one.  I got a new job for another Global IT Business where I felt valued and appreciated. 

As I write this blog, I just got back in the gym.  That is to say, I have been in the gym a lot doing rehab, mobility, and spending time with my coaches to re-establish good movement patterns.  But I have held off from full blown work outs.  In fact although I am now back in to the open class WOD’s (i’ve done 2) I am still making adaptions to these.  Much lighter weights, lower volumes, avoiding some movement patterns.

So it feels like NOW is the right time to take stock, re-evaluate.  Figure out where I am, figure out where I want to be, create a plan and then get with the execution.