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What’s Going On Here?

Hi Athletes, over the the last few weeks I’ve caught up with various friends and been on a ski trip with some of “the lads”.

Feedback loopers

This has been an interesting period that has allowed people to provide lots of feedback and support – mostly in the form of aggressive piss taking about the fact I am a blogger.  Even as I write that, it’s not something I easily associate with.  I mean I know I have a blog, and I am blogging but am I really a “blogger”…hmmm weird!

That to one side, and back on topic for a minute, underneath all of this feedback and engagement with my most honest feedback community (the boys really pulled no punches).  I few things came out.

  1. Crossfit has it’s own dictionary and language – if you don’t do Crossfit this blog is probably quite hard to follow.  Should I simplify the language or should everyone just start doing Crossfit? (TBC)
  2. Some people who don’t do Crossfit, have been motivated by the blog to want to get involved. Steve (Blue Coat on the left) at least is keen to understand if there is a “Ninja Standards” he could have a go at?  Yes there are and that is what I’m going to talk about here.

What Does This Mean?

So I think there are a few standards that people could have a go at – like the Double Under, get a jump rope and start skipping.  The Double Under requires the rope to pass under your feet twice each time you jump off the floor!  Easy – drop me a note when  you get them, I have been chasing them to for 2 years and they are only just coming!  For the Nina Standard you need to be able to do 50 Unbroken!

Today though, I want to talk about Rowing.

Rowing Polar Bear

Pretty much every gym up and down the land and even around the world will have a rowing machine.  They’re a great way to build your fitness.  The actual process of rowing includes lots of good functional movements that transfer well to other Crossfit related exercises.  It will help you with high speed burst capacity, as well as slow burn cardio.

If you think about the row position, it’s pretty much like the bottom of a deadlift.  So improving your rowing is likely to improve your ability to lift heavy in the dead lift too.

Plus you are training your whole body, legs, back, arms and if you do the 2k row right – you will even train your face muscles!! I pull some weird expressions towards the end of my 2k for time row.

OK, so how can you have a go?  The Ninja standard is a 2k row for time, (#2K4TIME) this time limit varies between ladies and gents.  For Men the time limit is 7.15 and for ladies it’s 8.00 minutes.

That’s it really, you have to get on a rower, start rowing and keep rowing until you get to 2k.  Sounds easy!  Well it is! And yet….its not!

Jimbo and I organised for one of my mates Graham Benton to come down to the gym to give us a hand.  Graham and I used to work together and he’s a bit of a legend in the indoor rowing world! (Check out his Wiki page here).  We’ll be sharing a full write up on our time with Graham and a #20Questionsfortime Interview to follow soon.

Some of my favourite quotes from the time with Graham were: “After 500 meters its going start hurting! Just deal with it!” and “Head up, Shoulders Back, Keep Going”!

Some of the more constructive stuff he said was, “#2K4TIME is a mind game.  Build your pillars of belief”.

Think to yourself:

  • “I can do 500 meters at 1.48 all day long”
  • “Last time I did this distance I completed in a great time”
  • “Do you have mantra’s that motivate you? Use them”!
The circle of row doom

For men aiming at 7.15 mins, a stroke rate of 34 and splits around 1.48 will get your there.  He added “Don’t try and win the race in the first 500 meters.  Believe in the plan. Leave some of the work for later”.

But my favourite quote of the day was “Outsource the belief system to someone else”.   What he means by this is that, the #2k4time challenge is a mind game, you know you can row 2k, you just don’t know how quick you can go.  At some point when it starts to hurt you are going to start questioning yourself, you cardio capacity, your strength, the strategy.

Well you don’t need that going through your head it’s a distraction!! You need to be thinking “This plan works”.  Find a coach, get a plan, believe the plan they give you!  Execute the plan!!  Do you have a plan?  If not we’re going to put on some workshops with Graham – so watch this space!

My last quote from Graham was “I breath twice on each stroke” we made him demo this as no one believed him!  It’s true he bloody does – once at the start and once at the end!

Why Should I Care?

Graham got me through my #2k4time challenge in 7.10 minutes.

1 Standard Down

That is 5 seconds inside the Ninja Standard and it’s officially my first tick in the box!

Now lets not get too excited about me being an awesome rower!  I’m 6’3 and 105kg’s,  I always knew that I would be able to use that to my advantage.  Plus I am coming back from injury where I have spent hours on the Assault Bike – so I knew my cardio was on point.

But for you – this is just a great way to get involved!  Get on a rower, set the distance to 2k and start!   Find your split!  Get to know your pace, good, bad, or ugly, know it – then grow it how you want.  If you want to be part of the community – post pictures to Instagram and tag us or use the #NinjaOrNotIn6Months tag and we’ll do our best to support you. Get started now – tweet this article and make your public commitment to get involved!

If you decide you want to get serious about your #2k4time challenge – sign up to the blog and find out more about the upcoming events we have planned with Graham!

Thanks for reading, stay healthy!

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