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What’s Going On Here? 

Right so on Friday I wrote a quick update about my progress. Retrospectively I realise I should have called it – kiss of death.

No heavy petting in the gym please

Anytime you write, say, think, believe or feel things are going well….a change occurs and stuff goes bad!  I think it’s called Murphy’s law.

My little “kiss” came on Saturday morning.  After Fridays PM session of Power Clean, Push Press and Push Jerk complex, I trained Saturday morning Deadlifts and Overhead Squats….

I was distracted and rushing. (Not a great combo) I came out of Deadlift’s about 10KG lower than the week before – but that was ok, I was under rested from the event in Edinburgh.  I was coming to terms with this drop off in output as I prepared for OHS.

The gym was busy, I was distracted I DID NOT WARM UP PROPERLY FOR OHS. I just came out of the DL’s set up for OHS, get started, then in my 40kg set I felt my back spasm!!

In this moment – all types of stuff flashes through your head.  Nerve, disc, fear, regret….

Did some stretching and mobility – but I was done for the day. Gutted!!  Quick assessment said this was a short term setback. Nothing neural going on. No sensation anywhere except in the effected area, no pins and needles or any of that jazz.  Just my body having a freak out at work rate and lack of proper muscle recruitment due to a stupid lack of warm up.

What Does This Mean?

This is part of the battle.

Can’t knock’em out, can’t walk away.
  • I want progress – I push harder
  • I am busy – I try to maintain my training volume
  • I have to fit training in around life.
  • I cut cals to drop weight – my emotional state suffers
  • My program includes multi discipline movements – I have to manage my own warm ups – even if it means re-warming up half way through a session!

I am working to bring better awareness to myself.  There’s no point getting frustrated or annoyed about the set back.  Stop, review, learn.  Fix the issue, acknowledge the learning.  Restart.

Why Should I Care?

We all need to be aware of our physical and emotional state, not to mention what’s causing it!

  • Hungry eat
  • Stressed – slow down
  • Too much on – drop something (even training)
  • Warmed up – even for the exercise you are about to do?

    I knew this would happen – I planned for this.

Trying to train better is as much about the pyschology of training as it is about the physiology of training….I think!!