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What’s Going On Here?

Philippa Sturt is very patient

Last weekend was epic!  We had Joe Craig from RX Smart Gear in town to teach the RX Method.  It was a long time in the making – almost 18 months by Philipa’s reckoning!!

Over 2 days and 4 sessions we had 58 people attend a 2.5 hour workshop to learn how to improve their Jump Rope and Doube Unders Techniques.

It was awesome to see so many people had so many break throughs and accessed so many tips and tricks to support their marginal gains.


What Does This Mean?

When Coaching Polar Bear and I set off on our own personal missions I am not sure that we set one of our objectives as – “Inspire and enable others”.  But the more time we spend writing this self-indulgent blog about our journey – I realise that my journey is really only as valuable as the impact it has on others.


I read a quote recently that said that the value of a network (as in a social network) is directly linked to the number of people in the network.  The more people creating and sharing content and engaging with each other – that is what drives the value of the network for the people using the network…..does this apply to our journey?  If we just help ourselves – what have we really done?

Any way this weekend – we delivered something bigger than either of us.  We helped friends and people we have never met before to access some of the best coaching and training available in the world on Double Unders!


We saw people fist pump, high five and celebrate as they made break through’s in their own training!  That was more rewarding than adding 10KG to my deadlift any day of the week!

Why Should I Care?

The open has started and having done this once or twice before – (Literally that is the case, once or twice before) we are all going to suck!


Most of us reading this are enthusiastic amateurs.  Maybe some of us are good at lifting, maybe some are great at strategy, perhaps you’re a stone cold killer when it comes to cardio!

Lets make this a team game – lets coach, mentor, support and drive each other to shared success – share what you know.  Drive the culture and accept that these Crossfit Open work outs are going to suck!  Embrace the Suck!

You will get more out of life by helping other people achieve their goals than you will be reaching yours!

The culture of your crossfit box started out as a team culture – that is the difference between training on your own and training in Crossfit.  17.1 is here. Start now! Good luck!

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