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What’s Going On Here?

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We’re going to teach you Double Unders in the shortest possible time to get you ready for the Crossfit Open!!

For the FIRST TIME EVER this comprehensive and detailed training event is coming to Europe and it’s being delivered here in London. On the 18/19th February at this location.

Developed by Rx Smart Gear founder and competitive CrossFitter David Newman. “It is the breakdown of jump rope bio-mechanics and cable dynamics dictated by the athlete’s philosophy carried out in the athlete’s workout strategy.  These principles are focused specifically as they apply to high intensity, functional fitness with sport specificity centered around the “sport of fitness.”

What Does This Mean?

The RX Smart Gear team will take you through a group discussion, warm up, dynamic group exercise, isolation drills and transition skills. Their unique training tools will assist everyone in understanding their double under philosophy and methodology including plenty of hands on application.

The RX Smart Gear Team are in London for 1 Weekend only to run these x4 training events.  Spaces are limited and there are early bird discounts for the first 3 participants to register for each event.

Why Should I Care?

The Rx Method focuses on the following key points:

  • Jump Rope Sizing Philosophy​ ​-​ Learn the different sport specific disciplines that utilize their own methods and standard for sizing a jump rope to an athlete’s body based on the goal of the activity in which they participate.
  • Jump Rope Bounding Technique ​– Learn the proper technique of efficiently jumping to minimize fatigue and increase work capacity while jumping rope.
  • Jump Rope Biomechanics – ​Learn the most efficient posture and mechanics of jumping rope. Creating ideal tolerance levels between the moving jump rope and athlete’s body, increasing efficiency. Learn about individual imbalances and deficiencies and how to self-manage them.
  • Jump Rope Theory- ​Jumping Rope as it applies to functional fitness requires its own sport specific applications. As it is typically a component within a larger series of exercise movements.
  • You will learn detailed practices and strategies even as simple as how to pick your jump rope up and put it down efficiently to shave seconds or even minutes off of your workout times.

Size and design your personalised rope here:

Places are limited. Discounts will be available for early bird registration.

Saturday February 18th (Lunchtime) (Afternoon)

Sunday February 19th (Lunchtime) (Afternoon)


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Looking forward to meeting you all!

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